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Janine Wachsmann

Janine Wachsmann. An incredibly talented architect. A professional. A fun person who's full of energy. One with strong values and a unique way of working. One that's always about being human, putting relationships and deep connections first. Known for her holistic premium residential designs, Janine, tasked us with a challenge. Build a website that not only displays her projects but also reflects her personal ethos.

Janine Wachsmann

Janine Wachsmann, a seasoned architect celebrated for her high-end residential designs, faced a dilemma. Her professional excellence was well-known, but her digital presence lacked the personal touch that reflected her unique ethos and values. She needed a brand and website that did more than showcase her architectural feats—it needed to embody her personality and philosophy.

We began by overhauling Janine’s branding to better mirror her professionalism and bold character, while keeping the design minimalistic. A new logo was crafted, subtly incorporating architectural elements that reinforce her professional identity but with a personal twist.

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