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Academy of Solar Excellence

John Davies CEng, an author, leading expert and founder of 2DegreesKelvin has a vision. To foster, empower and up-skill the very needed workforce within the solar industry. Tasked with transforming his organisation's vast knowledge into a dynamic educational platform, we set out to create not just a brand identity but a cornerstone for industry-wide change. And so, the Academy of Solar Excellence was born. An all-encompassing place for professionals to receive top-tier training and certification.

Academy of Solar Excellence

John saw an urgent need to offer comprehensive, high-quality training to newcomers in the solar industry. He envisioned a platform that would serve as the gold standard for certification and education in solar engineering.

Our task was to translate his vision into a tangible brand identity and digital experience that reflected the wisdom, experience, and modernity of 2DegreesKelvin – John's award-winning solar engineering company. Our collaboration began with creating a resonant name that reflected the ambitions of the project.

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