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INME Wellness

For years, only a select global leaders and visionaries knew about INME Wellness. A world-class plant medicine organisation with superb medical expertise and ancient knowledge. Our job was simple but not easy – to turn INME from a whispered secret to an impactful brand known and trusted by a wider audience.

INME Wellness

INME Wellness has always thrived on word-of-mouth marketing. And for a good reason. The meticulous care provided in every customer transformation was tangible. Those who joined the retreat would sing songs about their life-changing experience. But as INME started running ads toward an external audience, things didn't go as planned.

For weeks after INME launched their campaign, no leads would come through. But the company didn’t have an ad setup problem. They had a connection problem.

All the beautiful things that made INME one-of-a-kind, were lost in translation. The communication failed to resonate and connect with the audience. The message wasn't there.

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